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Legally, the adoption process is very complex, and as a result, very few lawyers attempt to provide adoption services. Our office is not an adoption agency and we do not arrange adoptions; clients come to us after they have already made arrangements with another party and would like to begin the adoption process.

Potential adoptive parents must be certified and qualified by the state before they can begin the adoption process. The Erie County Surrogate's Court strongly encourages these parents to retain an attorney to lead them through this complicated process.

There are several types of adoption:

  • Pre-birth adoption: The adoptive parent or parents know a pregnant woman who would like to give her child up for adoption.
  • Inter-family adoption: A relative adopts a child from a family member.
  • Foreign adoption: An adoption set up through an agency where the birth mother and adoptive parent or parents don't know each other.
  • Step-parent adoption: Involves the waiving of parental rights by a birth father or mother who are no longer in the life of the child. This can sometimes be contested by a birth parent and may need to be settled by a court.

Please contact our office for a free consultation if you have any questions about adoption or if you are thinking about becoming certified as an adoptive parent.